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Joe Cacopardo

The professional career of Joe Cacopardo spans over 30 years as a business owner and executive. His experience spans several industries and various business disciplines in the areas of consultation for other business owners and as an adviser to business owners. Joe Cacopardo’s background focuses on mergers and acquisitions with vast experience in marketing and sales with an emphasis on product improvement and project/program management.

Due to Joe Cacaopardo’s experience as a business owner and board member this gives him the insight of what currently challenges business owners. This same experience provides him with a vast array of opportunities to share with other business owners. Over the years, Joe Cacopardo has directed many projects at the CEO/Owner level in numerous client organizations in both the public and private sector. His responsibilities include: start up and P&L operations for a number of businesses in the East, Midwest and West of the country.

In 2007 Joe Cacopardo moved from Chicago, Illinois to Boise Idaho to run Worldwide Express Shipping; a business that he and his brother owned. Currently, Joe Cacopardo is M& A Advisor with Valtrend and is Board Chairmen of The Alternative Board (TAB).

3M National Account Manger (1966-1972); office equipment.
Harris Communication Branch Manager (1972-1977);computer terminals.
M&SD an EDS Subsidiary Co-Owner (1977-1989); consulting.
Modagrafics VP New Business Development (1989-2001);printing.
RTC Consulting New Business Development (2001-2007); in-store marketing.
Worldwide Express Owner (2007-2008); DHL reseller.
Valtrend Director Mergers& Acquisitions (2008-Present); licensed business agent that represents sellers or buyer of businesses.
TAB Board Chairman (2011-Present)

Joe Cacopardo provides advisory services to lower middle-market companies, which are typically poorly serviced by business brokers and overlooked by large investment firms. Joe Cacopardo’s main focus is to help companies become a sound acquisition target.

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